about AnalogMatic for M28

Thank you for purchase M28.

M28 does not drive by itself because it has no scripts. However VIAS, a developer kit, is included so that those who purchased or other creators can develop various functions later on.

AnalogMatic for M28 was also developed in order to show you how to actually introduce VIAS and it is possible to install it on M28 with the following simple procedure.

after installation

  • it will be a two-seater passenger car
  • actual driving is possible (Driving is only owner)
  • the lights turns on / off becomes operable
  • the display / non-display of the engine becomes operable

how to install

  1. REZ both M28 and AnalogMatic for M28 closely
  2. make link the 2 objects so that AnalogMatic becomes ROOT (parent)

That's all. VIAS runs and installs AnalogMatic into your M28.

The object name is changed to “--ANHELO-V01AM-173RC :: a cycle car”. Below, we will write the car whose installation completed as V01AM.

how to drive / how to operate

V01AM operates with the cursor key or the [W] [A] [S] [D] keys. It is basically similar to avatar controlling or other vehicles operation, but there are major differences.

V01AM is different from general vehicles, its effect continues to increase or decrease during the time pressing keys.

  • when you hold down [←] or [→], turning will gradually increase / decrease
  • when you hold down [↑] or [↓], the speed gradually increases / decreases

Even if you release your finger from the key, V01AM keeps the last state.

  • it does not go straight even if you take your finger off from [←] or [→]
  • it does not stop even if you take your finger off from [↑]

Try out with the parking brake on until you grab the feeling of operation and check the change of the numerical value of the floating text.

  • While you see “P-brake: ON” in the text above the car, it does not move even if you push any keys.
  • However, you can check the text changing and the rotation of the front wheel and the handle.

key operations

turn the handle left
turn the handle right
[←] + [Shift]
quick turn for the left » tip
[→] + [Shift]
quick turn for the right » tip
[←] + [→]
reset the handle to center
mouse click
reset the handle to center
to accelerate
to decelerate / back when the speed is zero
[Page Up]
gear up
[Page Down]
gear down


Sit on the V01AM and say following commands on chat. Passenger cannot.

parking brake ON / OFF » CAUTION
head light ON / OFF
engine cover shows / hides
reset your view point
text ON / OFF

remarks / driving tips

on the relation of accelerator / brake / gear

With V01AM, whether you accelerator, brake, or gear, it changes only the speed.

  • [Page up] / [Page down] changes speed more quickly than [↑] / [↓]
  • In using [↑] or [↓], V01AM changes the gear automatically.

about quick turn

You should push [→] / [←] before [Shift].

ex) When you turn right with [→] key, sometimes you feel the rotation of the handle too slow. Now is the time you hit [Shift].
No no! DO NOT HOLD [Shift] key. Hit or tap!

Or, it is also effective to hold [Shift] before [→] / [←].

While you hold [Shift] key, the value of the steer increase or decrease 20% every once you hit [→] / [←].

notes for parking brake

If you release the parking brake with depression of the accelerator, you will be emitted suddenly and, depending on the situation, it is very dangerous.

modifying sitting positions

6 numbers in Description field are coordinate of the sitting positions. From left to right,

  • X coordinate of the driver
  • Y coordinate of the driver
  • Z coordinate of the driver
  • X coordinate of the passenger
  • Y coordinate of the passenger
  • Z coordinate of the passenger

The default values are “0.05, 0.05, 0.4, 0.0, 0.65, 0.05” and they mean

integer link_number;
llSitTarget(<0.05, 0.05, 0.4>, ZERO_ROTATION);
llLinkSitTarget(link_number, <0.0, 0.65, 0.05>, llEuler2Rot(<0.0, 0.0, -90> * DEG_TO_RAD));