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June 1, 2015
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anhelo is a bland which builds and sells 3D models in SecondLife. The field we make good at this brand is still life of houses, furniture, vehicle and decor.

Here is a wiki publishing documentations about anhelo.

anhelo brand policy


  1. the name of our brand : We define the name of this bland as anhelo1). We also use アネーロ in Japanese. We only use this name in virtual world of SecondLife or some websites contain marketplace in order to build, publicize and sell digital contents for SecondLife users. We NEVER concern with any other person, company and organization of same or similar name in other place and in other use.


  1. guarantee of products : We guarantee our products to be 100% original mesh made by our creators or collaborators. We also obey the licenses of sounds, animations, textures and fonts including our products.
  2. permissions : Unless otherwise stated, the brand products are the following permission.
    • object » mod / copy / NO trans
    • script » NO mod / copy / NO trans
      Based on that permissions, purchasers can copy or customize the object at will; provided they use in virtual world of SecondLife, provided they only use in 1 account that purchase, and provided they use in self-responsibility.
      Based on that permissions, we refuse the request changing the design from each purchaser. We also refuse the offer to support for copy, customize from each purchaser.
      Because of that permissions, we NEVER respond to the refund. Please contact us and resolve all your questions before purchase.
  3. re-delivery : Unless otherwise stated, the purchaser has the right to use re-delivery service except in the following cases.
    • If 90 days have elapsed after the sale of the product ended.
    • If anhelo has been dissolved.


  1. limited edition : We NEVER sell limited edition after the period end. In this case, we DO NOT usually reply to the negotiations.


Do you think the product name of anhelo is difficult?
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Also search as event name

1) not Anhelo, ANHELO