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The trouble with trouble is, it starts out as fun..

Him (Left).. BODY MOD Brows – Soarez @The Men’s Zone TMZ *NEW* BODY MOD Isac Beard @MOM *NEW* Modulus Jake Skin @ The Season Story *NEW* Reach Bodhi Tattoo @Sanarae*NEW* Reach Wally Shape @Sanarae*NEW* [VALE KOER] ESSENTIAL TRACK PANTS @TMD*NEW* [Shoeminati] SkyHi *NEW*   Him (Right).. STRAY DOG  YEJUN @Sanarae *NEW* BODY MOD Isac Beard @MOM *NEW* IDTTY Faces Hefty Eyebrows @MOM *NEW* MIRROR Bryan Hair @MOM *NEW* [The Forge] Apex Track Top @TMD*NEW* [The Forge] Apex Track Pants […]

We repeat what we don’t repair

Happy Friday and hopefully for some of you it’s already a great start to the weekend.  I have to make a trip into downtown later today and that’s always a bit hectic at any time on a Friday, so I’m not looking forward to the traffic rush as everyone is looking to get somewhere. Today … Continue reading We repeat what we don’t repair

Kidman Latte – 16 April 2017

–ANHELO-H02RN-15AGA :: old garage (@The Mens Dept, April) –ANHELO-M29MD-173GA :: garage shelf  (@The Mens Dept, April) –ANHELO-M09RN-15AGA :: workbench  (@The Mens Dept, April) –ANHELO-M28UL-173GA :: a cycle car :Cheeky Pea: Kara Jar Light brocante. koozie / can america (@ Epiphany, April) floorplan.&Con. cozy couch / mocha PG

Just what I need

I'm WearingHAIR & HAIRBASE. Taketomi Jo [New Group Gift!!]HEAD SKIN. Clef de Peau Mathieu T3 Catwa @ The Mens Department - April 5th  [New Release!!]EYEBROWS. Clef de Peau Eyebrows v.34 Blonde Omega CatwaBEARD. Doux Big mesh beard [Dark blonde] Beard 2 [New Release!!]MOUSTACHE. Doux Big mesh beard [Dark blonde] Moustache 2 [New Release!!]NECK TATTOO. Carol G Harmony Tattoo Black @ Shiny Shabby - March 20th [New Release!!]HEAD TATTOO. Hipster Style Sensei Combo Catwa @ The Crossroads - April 3rd [New Release!!]SWEATER. Kalback Casual LongsleevesJEANS. Kalback Original Jeans M2HAT. Stray Dog Wide Brim Hat @ Men Only Hunt 9 - April 9th  [Gift!!]POSE. Included in the car by AnheloScene DecoAnhelo H02RN-15AGA :: old garage @ The Mens Department - April 5th  [New Release!!]Anhelo M10RN-15AGA :: hose&...


    Using Head - CATWA - HEAD BENTO DanielSkin - Modulus - Jake Skin - Catwa Applier  @TheSeasonStory Outfit -  N-Uno - Andrew Outfit // N 2 // Signature @MOM Shoes - A&D Clothing - Shoes -Barcelona- @CosmopolitanScene  --ANHELO-H02RN-15AGA :: old garage @TMD --ANHELO-M28UL-173GA :: a cycle car --ANHELO-M10RN-15AGA :: hose [ zerkalo ] Small Things - Old Newspaper @The Seasons Story Thistle Diploma Prim Engineering (cm) @FaMESHed--ANHELO-M09RN-15AGA :: workbench @TMD --ANHELO-M29MD-173GA :: garage shelf @TMD --ANHELO-G01A3-168GA :: SUZUKI Fittings

#453. She was a fast machine She kept the motor clean

ANHELO • TURLACCOR • UNKIDNESS • TMD By  –ANHELO – TMD  –ANHELO-H02RN-15AGA :: old garage –ANHELO-M29MD-173GA :: garage shelf –ANHELO-M09RN-15AGA :: workbench By Second Space Second Spaces – You Better Work Bench – pegboard – wrench RARE Second Spaces – You Better Work Bench – industrial outlets Second Spaces – You Better Work Bench – […]

Look # 345

AlexaBodyHair: [monso] My Hair - Kisa @ Fameshed New!OutfitTop and Skirt: .:Avanti:. Karina Top/Skirt - Black Crosses @ Black Fair New!Undies: Come with Maitreya BodyHeels: Essenz - Chicago @ Fameshed New!Earrings: MINIMAL - Tysa Earrings -Silver- @ Fameshed New!DamonOutfitJacket: Represent - Denim JacketJeans: Represent - Destroyer DenimGlasses:  [Z O O M] Zooky Glasses @ TMD NEW!DecoOld garage: --ANHELO-H02RN-15AGA :: old garage @ TMD NEW!Table: anhelo -M09RN-15AGA :: workbench @ TMD NEW!Shelf: anhelo -M29MD-173GA :: garage shelf @ TMD NEW!Rooster: MadPea Black Rooster @ Black Fair New!Black eggs: MadPea Queen's Egg/King's Egg @ Black Fair New!Beer: 220ML - Chronos Beer

Re: 20170408

▷ TMD / Apr.--ANHELO-M29MD-173GA :: garage shelf▷ The Seasons Story / Apr. 10th ~.peaches, Real Spring Peaches- Lanterns.peaches, Real Spring Peaches - Peach BoxLAGOM - Conte de fees [Path] #15▷ Others--ANHELO-H02RN-15AGA :: old garage--ANHELO-M10RN-15AGA :: hose--ANHELO-M09RN-15AGA :: workbench--ANHELO-94-6 VHF transeiver--ANHELO-M28UL-173GA :: a cycle car[Con.] The Garage Collection - Tool Chest[Con.] The Garage Collection - Wood Poster 4[Con.] The Garage Collection - Wood Poster 3[Con.] The Garage Collection - Air Inflator - Yellow[Con.] Open Road Collection - Lawn Chair - Yellow[Con.] & :CP: Quiet Night Table[Con.] The Garage Collection - Oil Bottles[Con.] Open Road Collection - Americana poster[Con.] Open Road Collection - Radio[Con.] Open Road Collection - Cooler - Red[Con.] The Garage Collection - Tire Stack[Con.] Open Road Collection - Route 66

Memories and Moments

A week into Spring, my sinuses are wary, of headaches and sogginess, of pretending snow flurries. Finally a moment to make a memory, dear friends I share the gift of virtual gardenry… Well that’s my Wendy-ism for today.. you’re welcome ❤ As I have not been feeling 100% lately, the blogging has come to a sad halt or putter at best so until my fairy doctor mother (father actually) and the would-be insurance moguls that be, deem it so, the best cure I’ve had for ailments are: *lots and lots of tea *20+ hours of social media scrolling *coupled with copious amounts of sleep, naps, sleepnaps, and napsleeps *apples Like I never realized how effective apples were in fighting nausea, and so I’ve grown a few trees in my belly for the summer. (yes I’m sticking with that). Anywho, the Arcade Gacha Event is coming to a close and I have just a few more things to reshare before all three, (yes three!) regions go on lock down till June. Do check out the credits …

Mr Mechanic

I just want to say that this photo does not do the vehicle justice. It’s so amazingly detailed. I showed a gearhead friend of mine the car and he was wow’ing and drooling about gear lifts and something engine related …