M28 - a cycle car


a cycle car
March 15, 2017
press event
1.7 x 4 m
land impacts
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M28 is a cycle car about 100 years ago.

It does not drive but we prepared an optional driving script. With the script, you can drive with your friend.

AnalogMatic driving script (OPTIONAL)

Almost all cars in SecondLife turn left or right rapidly when we push cursor key. There are only two choices whether to turn or to go straight. However, the radius of the road curve varies, and we are obliged to drive meandering when driving Mainlands. I always thought that it would be nice if I could drive cars with analog operations.

This AnalogMatic driving script can gently change the angle at which the car turns.

Also you need not hold [↑] key when you drive. After you remove your finger from [↑] key, this script works as you keep moving forward. Do you understand this meaning?

We can chat with passenger while we driving!!

Are you interested in ?

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developer kit

Our lifestyle changes every moment. The technology of SecondLife also evolves day by day. Even though you were satisfied immediately after purchasing, you may have experienced that you want additional features as time goes by, or you dissapoint that it does not suit your lifestyle.

The circumstances of the car of SecondLife may change greatly. The terrain may change and the date may come when it is hard to drive with fixed script. Even in that case, we will not steer with the rear wheel of this car. No matter how the environment changes, there are parts that this car can not change. If we extract only those parts and have basic scripts like OS, it is very easy to add or modify functions later.

We developed a script that corresponds to this OS and named it VIAS. It is an abbreviation for “Vehicles' Interactive Add-on System”. With VIAS, it will be easy to develop additional features in a few years and you can even create your own M28 from today. Developer kit is bundled with M28.

We also use VIAS to develop AnalogMatic.

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3rd party showcase

Please tell me when you release your development. We introduce your works here.

» 3rd party showcase for M28

textures customization


  • You may use these textures only for customization with M28.
  • You may sell or distribute your customize works but you MUST NOT sell my original textures.



prim name diffuse UV remarks
BOD for body.
CC for engine cover center.
CS for engine cover side. both sides use same texture.
FC for front cowl.
FS for front shaft. this part uses 2 textures.
for metal part of FS.
for wood part of FS. you have to generate diffuse map from 2 images. One is “base-wood” and the other is “paint-overlay”. you should stack “paint-overlay” on “base-wood” with image processing software. modify color balance of “paint-overlay” and you may be able to re-color this part.
LL / LR for side light. “uv-map-inner” is the part of lighting.
NP for front number plate. including the original texture so that you can know where to put the letters.
R for rear body.
RE for edge of rear body.
RT for rear fuel tank. including the original texture so that you can know where to put the letters.

texture-mod installer

Feel free to use.

When you drop this script into your M28, textures will be installed, and this script self-extinguishes immediately.

» texture-mod_installer.lsl

3rd party showcase

Please tell me when you release your development. We introduce your works here.

» 3rd party showcase for M28

33035629240_387d83e706_m.jpg photo by lauren.bentham

33264153222_4c4b222cbc_m.jpg photo by xxstanislasxx resident

33379542586_25b413fab8_m.jpg photo by Rod (rodnoc @ SL)

33079239310_8f2714c1a6_m.jpg photo by freekency banx

33482890395_965983a212_m.jpg photo by Darth Kline

34262443166_d55e2f5862_m.jpg photo by Syn Beresford

33422007954_32208c1873_m.jpg photo by Jaxx Larsson

33807551702_e87a00d370_m.jpg photo by Moxxie Kalinakova

34245427222_398d6dbac6_m.jpg photo by Gabriel

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