press release

Dear, blogger

Thank you for blogging! We are grateful for your support.

We rarely use event bloggers. Also, we do not send reviews individually to event bloggers. This is because we trust our blogger team and entrust everything to them. If you are interested in anhelo, please apply to our blogger team.

how to join anhelo blogger team

1. agree to our team rule

Welcome to our blogger team. We are very happy to have a wonderful and qualified team!

We send our new product once or twice a month to subscribed bloggers. Please take photo of the product and put it on your Flickr or your blog. Do not forget to describe its name and the information of the event it will be sold.

You might be unsubscribed if no promotions were made twice consecutively. If you are not able to take photos on Flickr or to blog because of your RL life, please inform to the manager(xxicoxx) by NC. We will welcome you back when you have time.

2. contact us

The manager is xxicoxx. Please make a contact with her by …

In RL reason, it is certain to use flickr mail.

Though you're great blogger, we'd sometimes have to decline because so many bloggers aren't necessary … :-(

3. start blogging

We'll send you a blogger pack when we release new. And we use this website to publish press release.

When you receive a blogger pack, visit this page, get details, and start blogging please.

  • We don't use another in-world group.
  • After you make the first article, your blog will be crawled and shown in our homepage.
  • Please remember to bookmark this page!