Tokyo Soul Food Gacha
November 6, 2017
press event
6º Republic
land impacts
1 - 11LI
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in-world sales
L$70 / 1 play

G03 - Tokyo Soul Food Gacha

rare prize

1 rare prize. It is exchange ticket for COPY-MOD version.

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01. yatai

Yatai (Ja : 屋台) is a kind of the street stalls, a foldable1) simple food cart. We can see various sizes not only in Tokyo but all over Japan. Some do not have wheels. Most of yatai are closed during the day and only open at night. People stop by yatai and fill their belly after work or drinking.


Soba (Ja : そば / 蕎麦) , buckwheat noodles, is one of Tokyo soul foods. The era when Tokyo was called Edo, beriberi was prevalent there. The eating of rice spread, vitamins were deficient among people. They experienced knew that those who like soba would never sick beriberi and it came to be loved by many people.

Soba is eaten after boiled or steamed. When we boil it, we often use tebo (Ja : てぼ) , metal mesh with wooden handle. We boil noodle not with soup stock but with hot water because the soup will become cloudy. Therefore 2 big saucepan are on the yatai. One is for hot water and the other is for soup.

  • ebiten (Ja : えび天) … Shrimp tempura (Ja : 天ぷら).
  • tsukimi (Ja : 月見) … Moon viewing. The egg yolk is regarded as a full moon.
  • kitsune (Ja : きつね) … Fox. Inari (Ja : いなり / 稲荷) is one of the Japanese gods in the form of a fox. Inari likes abura-age (Ja : 油揚げ), fried tofu (Ja : 豆腐). So we call the soba with abura-agekitsune”.
  • tanuki (Ja : たぬき) … Raccoon. It is about age-dama (Ja : 揚げ玉), mass of flour. It is byproduct of tempura. There are various legends as to why we call fried flour “tanuki”.
  • inari (Ja : いなり / 稲荷) … It is one of sushi (Ja : 寿司), rice wrapped with abura-age.


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  • 01. yatai
  • 11. menu board

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1) this prize does not fold