G01 collection

old Japanese vans gacha
August 20, 2016
press event
Creators Collection Box
land impacts
1 - 28
mod / NO copy / trans
in-world sales
L$70 / 1 play

G01 - old Japanese vans gacha

G01 is our 1st Gacha collection!

There are 10 commons and 2 rare prize in the collection. Each van does not drive. All prizes are for decor only.


R1 :: yakiimo car

  • Click the car and you can attach 2 props.
  • Click the chimney to play or stop sound effects.

A1 - A5

  • Click to change textures (show or hide trademarks on the doors)

B3 :: shoji

Shoji is traditional Japanese architecture composed wood frame and Japanese paper. It has some functions; a door, a partition and a curtain.

This SHOJI transmits lights. You can see shadows on the opposite side like this.

This technology is still incomplete. It isn't possible to receive light from both sides at the same time. So it has a script in order to switch the face of receiving. The operation is easy. Just click it!

When you feel strange in the result of the rendering, click it!

32371223041_fee43fe960_m.jpg photo by pokute Burt

29177637242_9c34544962_n.jpg photo by iorri Resident

29232897192_afb34c16eb_n.jpg photo by LiZu Melody

29236117276_4a7486dec8_n.jpg photo by iȠeRtia●Neverfar

33349078983_f3e26eba21_m.jpg photo by skinny nilla

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